Sunday, 20 April 2014

Within the Fashion Week

Were designed Lama Asunder her new collection for summer 2014 Within the Fashion Week, which is currently being held in Dubai Fashion Forward, has been able Lama Graduate of the University of Central Saint Martin’s-honored fashion To take us with this group to journey between Earth and space has been successful transfer of perceptions and ideas to designs by new techniques used by the creative ideas adopted.
Diversified group of short dresses and long, and between skirts and trousers press and included various forms of jackets varied between Abolisher and Bomber, we have seen many editions in the form of roses where suggestions oriental-inspired forms of decorations  Arab architecture, also gave us a sense of sparkling stars in the sky dark.  The cuts of the eighties and rebellious style and simple in style Fabrics ranging from chiffon, cotton fabrics, fabrics questionable superbly, but eluded to the colors has included scores blue, white, black and gray. Article Research By:
Mannequins wore a wig short blond conqueror, make-up was cool with varying silver on the eyes and Hash light and this is what gave the group a sense of space. No doubt a creative group, where a lot of modern ideas and beautiful, fit each lady looking for discrimination and difference KAGE lineup for the fall ... mad young upscale ASUDARI trip between Earth and space Spring Romance dreamer ... on platforms offers Design a bag Amazonas Future dream with Loewe With the launch of the third season of the Week Fashion Forward FFWD fashion, for the season autumn and winter of 2014

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