Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spacesuit designs are very luxurious

There are similarities Coats narrow dresses, Shorts the new wears shoes with high heels and tapered head, it is tight and installed when the parties do not exceed a length of the ankle.  Characterized by spacesuit designs are very luxurious. 

It is a painting in which colors vary from tranquil green and royal sapphire and red tiled turquoise and purple and gray and black. Group balance between the practical needs of women a lot of skirts narrow slightly and reaches a length often until the knee And long dresses sleeveless, short dresses above the knee with layers of tulle upper chest  And short dresses with very wide sleeves in addition to shorts summer long until the knee and trousers and narrow jackets autumn.  Visit my Homepage

View photographs and choose what suits them. To display the dresses and the Nigerian Mercy whom the student and the student Lebanese Rowan Which there was no difference between them and the professional models? At the end of the ceremony was the distribution of certificates of appreciation to all the participating students  He announced the designer and at the end of the ceremony to his surprise, a fashion show organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Al-Khwarizmi  And called on all those who wish to have presented their designs that night to participate in the show with the planned and under his supervision

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