Sunday, 20 April 2014

Why fashion is very difficult

Fashion is very difficult, but to meet three of the brothers on the love of the same profession, study and work out, it is fantastically almost reminiscent Baliol and the Order of the Phoenix, vinegar loyal So it may have succeeded brothers Glomar in achieving this impossible IV, collaborating together and study all of the fashion academic study real, and bring their brand distinctive EMPEROR 1688 Which was launched since 2007, to achieve success and proliferation and reap the awards that have not been recently being awarded the prestigious Esquire Designer of the Year in 2011?

And nominated for the same award for the following year in a row, but perhaps this was the real start no more On the ground in Dubai feet Barak, Haman, and Afghan Goslar truth their new autumn and winter 2014 The events within the Festival Fashion Forward Fashion is currently taking place, and collected this squad - as usual - For More Details
 between designs for men and women Bops lopped classic upscale, which was adopted to show the beauty on both sides and the focus on the idea ofmasculinity and femininity in different ways Where he played Abolisher pivotal role fit each party separately, especially Borer large metal traditional Or ornaments non-traditional, such as fur and satin ribbons, also had neckties placed featured as well, but they singled women thin indulging in femininity. Despite heavy fabrics which relied on, such as wool and tweed, but they did not ignore the soft fabrics such as cotton and luxurious silk

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