Thursday, 24 April 2014

Global brands of glasses

Hosted "Marchland Gulf," Manufacturers and distributors of products a number of Bozo global brands of glasses, and a specialized workshop shed the light on the latest trends fashion glasses  Made for participants Options Design many ranged between circular shape and box included the colors of the iris and beautiful interlaced and others.

  The workshop was held, titled "Shades of perfection" boutique Valley Dees Boutique elegant in Dubai  And has cooperation with Rona Saab, adviser appearance and coordinated fashion celebrities and with the participation of a number of fashion experts Italians in "Marchlands" including Alessandra Nathan Director of the Department of Export Sales in Marchland for the markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa The workshop provided a presentation with the latest fashion trends for the current season in front of fans that follow fashion. Visit Here

  And held thumbnail view of the glasses within the workshop, highlighting the company's latest models of the spring and summer for the current year 2014 Callaway Michael Kars, as well as the latest fashion from international designers and regional well-known Such as George Hodeida, Kelly and Raster, Fyodor Golan, Manish Aroma, Amir Aaron, Chatom, Alice Palmer  As well as the largest assortment of fashion Masada others, all of which are available in the boutique "halides."  And between sunglasses shapes twisted and unusual, and the ones that come with designs in graphics and many details

Spacesuit designs are very luxurious

There are similarities Coats narrow dresses, Shorts the new wears shoes with high heels and tapered head, it is tight and installed when the parties do not exceed a length of the ankle.  Characterized by spacesuit designs are very luxurious. 

It is a painting in which colors vary from tranquil green and royal sapphire and red tiled turquoise and purple and gray and black. Group balance between the practical needs of women a lot of skirts narrow slightly and reaches a length often until the knee And long dresses sleeveless, short dresses above the knee with layers of tulle upper chest  And short dresses with very wide sleeves in addition to shorts summer long until the knee and trousers and narrow jackets autumn.  Visit my Homepage

View photographs and choose what suits them. To display the dresses and the Nigerian Mercy whom the student and the student Lebanese Rowan Which there was no difference between them and the professional models? At the end of the ceremony was the distribution of certificates of appreciation to all the participating students  He announced the designer and at the end of the ceremony to his surprise, a fashion show organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Al-Khwarizmi  And called on all those who wish to have presented their designs that night to participate in the show with the planned and under his supervision

Inspired leather jackets short of fifties fashion

Apparently, every detail in the decor store filled with luxury and sophistication retains the touch of a hospitable place enhanced by gorgeous light and warm.  Roland said, explaining:  "I had a special look and detailed decor store.  Was shot that is contemporary, clear lines and Amine Malay, a specification is located at the heart of the approach taken by the aesthetic, with being intimate and feminine."

 Abu Dhabi was a natural choice for Roland because of the strong relationship it has with the Middle East and for the support and appreciation bestowed upon women in the region.  Roland is planning to open several stores for fashion ready-made in various parts of the world, starting with the big fashion capitals such as Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai. Gucci group pre-Fall 2014 Characterized group "Gucci" Gucci women's pre-fall 2013  Feminine attractive, print designs luxurious effects "haute couture", waists prominent through the vertical tucks short skirts and short Meta "Below" belts and Bail.   Click Here

A prominent entry for skirts sleeves either follow the style of dress "kimono" Japanese.  With inspired leather jackets short of fifties fashion that highlight the hips.  Highlights in the collection classic simple black dress, while thick leather belts, they act as a brake on being headstrong flowing dresses far from the monotony.

Fashion shows in the gulf

There is also edition "couture" private and upscale bag to skins available luxury touch that enhances the artistry and craftsmanship that characterize this design emphasizes the nature of the bag de trendy sexy desire.  And shows a new design includes a lock suggests the key to the door of neat, in addition to the classic handbag bag to the shop to join the family of bags new and stylish skins blue, white and yellow.  The range is now available from January 2013 in each of: Abu Dhabi - Marina Mall; Doha   Village Mall

 Dubai - Dubai - Mall of the Emirates; Kingdom of Bahrain, Manama Mode Mall; Kuwait City - fitness complex; Kuwait City, a Avenues; Jeddah, Al-Khayyam Center, Dahlia Street; Riyadh - Cantrell Mall - High Street. The opening of the first store of ready-made fashion from Stephanie Rolland in Abu Dhabi Stephanie Rolland announced the opening of its first store bearing his name in the Union Avenue in the prestigious towers in Abu Dhabi, where a group called fashion designer ready-awaited heavily by fashion lovers.  For More info Click Here

 And will be displayed in the store throughout the year, ten groups, in addition to shoes, bags and limited versions of jewelry and accessories.  Or starring materials inspired by the seventies style lavish steel and wood and marble, which is designed by the French architect Thierry Lemaitre, who meets with Stephanie Rolland in terms of aesthetic approach.

All about foot wear Footwear

Todd TODS represents a group of women for spring and summer 2014 peak of harmony between the traditional method and innovation  And high-end craftsmanship and contemporary design alike.  This reflects the group the ability to use more leather quality and the best quality for the manufacture of cutting-looking and timeless elegance is consistent with the highest levels of innovation. 

The Group has a "Told" for spring and summer 2013 is rich decorative details and radiant colors will see the return of the iconic pieces as well as new designs.  Footwear  Plays a prominent role ballerina shoes for this season has been supplied Banal thin and evenly hand-made.  V Mare elegant and full of feminine spirit of contemporary and urban. The collection includes a variety of summer shoes with bright colors and varied with equal heel that stands out in all of them.  This has been making special shoes for daily use through the use of the finest leather.  Visit my webpage

 The group also includes the Flat Sandals Heels remember HARNESS industry was, and shoes from crocodile skin Moraz├ín count with colorful  Colorful striped slippers and shoes with heels of new "Platform" high and equal to the front.  Bags stand bag "de-Karabachos" iconic with great options for daytime Attala through the flexible structure and the ornate and gradients of python skins luxury.

Fabrics specific fit

Mentions that Madonna had already contracted with two stars Kelly Osborne and Taylor Mom in to do the job itself, but finally settled on the choice of Rita Oar to promote fashion pieces which carry the name "Martello Girl" and fully dedicated to adolescent girls and inspired by the designs clothes Madonna in the eighties We are accustomed to enjoy every variety of fashion lines Regulation specific colors apart, and fabrics specific fit Scathe expressive vision of the designer. casual shoes

 But the lineup Jonathan Saunders Resort 2014 broke all these rules par excellence All colors strongly present with most types of fabrics with this privileged group Basket bold and liberal grouping Details of femininity and elegance all seasons of the year.  Jonathan Saunders in this group plays a particularly bright in color, including the game of life The winter capital of the list of colors with fabrics autumn and spring haircuts and accessories like a summer combines all seasons in every piece annexed those chosen to bet heavily on the female unfettered classic.. casual shoes
 Green, Bright is the primary color, which represents the first game and identifies always with black and white and the rest of the primary colors for the winter, with the presence of a striking fall colors firearms  And carvings flowers spring and summer with gradients of color created by graphic designer Peter Seville Contributed significantly to the granting of character feminine styles sporting sharp Excellence Group and a lot of tenderness and softness also provide distinctive through use satin, silk fabrics and knitwear.

Advertising a line of fashion

"I was surprised designs that went out in the closing ceremony, where I see that many of them fit the ladies who want to cloak elegant suit some family gatherings And personally I would choose some of them for wearing in the holy month of Ramadan”.  As designed Emirati toxicity Swedish spoke of "is", saying: "I have been very strict in my views on the designs of participants, which makes them the best, where you are very far from the pleasantries  I see that this is casting in favor of the participants, as had their opportunity to participate in such competition better than others. "

  In the end, Ryan won the award for best designer gowns in the contest "the coolest Persil Abaya"  In addition to receiving a scholarship with the School of Fashion a global leader in the field of design, and training with talented fashion designer Amal Mural  This year, the strengthening of the Referees Committee accession television presenter famous for Jane Imam  In addition to design experts mantle of the most prominent celebrity designers hope they Mired, fashion designer and actress toxicity Swedish magazines Gulf Flower I Flower Fatima Al Blusher.  casual dresses

Singer revealed British young Rita Oar surprise after confirmed reaching an agreement with the American singer big  Madonna will become there under face advertising line fashion, which bears the name of Madonna and her daughter (13 years) and the enormously popular since it was launched last year in collaboration with the group "Waldo You."