Thursday, 24 April 2014

Global brands of glasses

Hosted "Marchland Gulf," Manufacturers and distributors of products a number of Bozo global brands of glasses, and a specialized workshop shed the light on the latest trends fashion glasses  Made for participants Options Design many ranged between circular shape and box included the colors of the iris and beautiful interlaced and others.

  The workshop was held, titled "Shades of perfection" boutique Valley Dees Boutique elegant in Dubai  And has cooperation with Rona Saab, adviser appearance and coordinated fashion celebrities and with the participation of a number of fashion experts Italians in "Marchlands" including Alessandra Nathan Director of the Department of Export Sales in Marchland for the markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa The workshop provided a presentation with the latest fashion trends for the current season in front of fans that follow fashion. Visit Here

  And held thumbnail view of the glasses within the workshop, highlighting the company's latest models of the spring and summer for the current year 2014 Callaway Michael Kars, as well as the latest fashion from international designers and regional well-known Such as George Hodeida, Kelly and Raster, Fyodor Golan, Manish Aroma, Amir Aaron, Chatom, Alice Palmer  As well as the largest assortment of fashion Masada others, all of which are available in the boutique "halides."  And between sunglasses shapes twisted and unusual, and the ones that come with designs in graphics and many details

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