Thursday, 24 April 2014

Inspired leather jackets short of fifties fashion

Apparently, every detail in the decor store filled with luxury and sophistication retains the touch of a hospitable place enhanced by gorgeous light and warm.  Roland said, explaining:  "I had a special look and detailed decor store.  Was shot that is contemporary, clear lines and Amine Malay, a specification is located at the heart of the approach taken by the aesthetic, with being intimate and feminine."

 Abu Dhabi was a natural choice for Roland because of the strong relationship it has with the Middle East and for the support and appreciation bestowed upon women in the region.  Roland is planning to open several stores for fashion ready-made in various parts of the world, starting with the big fashion capitals such as Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai. Gucci group pre-Fall 2014 Characterized group "Gucci" Gucci women's pre-fall 2013  Feminine attractive, print designs luxurious effects "haute couture", waists prominent through the vertical tucks short skirts and short Meta "Below" belts and Bail.   Click Here

A prominent entry for skirts sleeves either follow the style of dress "kimono" Japanese.  With inspired leather jackets short of fifties fashion that highlight the hips.  Highlights in the collection classic simple black dress, while thick leather belts, they act as a brake on being headstrong flowing dresses far from the monotony.

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