Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Macau fashion shows

Macau fashion shows and what to wear from fashion photographers to be the focus of attention, too.  Today you chose a set of stills characteristic of some of the women and girls who wore an elegant cut, we were told by your opinion. The title that revolves around the exhibition are:

 The Dior allure  From pink to red Paris the Dior garden  The Dior ateliers Dior and artists Versailles: Tirana  Stars in Dior Interview: Danna writer Admen Alkanet crossed Katie Grand Katie Grand, an expert decking and editor in chief of the magazine LOVE, pleased collaboration for the second time with the Italian fashion house high-end  "Hogan" Hogan to design a variety especially for autumn and winter 2013-2014, titled "Gang" Gang. According to Katie for "is": "based on the design of this lineup on the successes lineup last season, but increase this time the number of products offered.  Visit my website

 Addition to sports shoes, shoe ballerina, leather bags, sunglasses, including the new line covers the organs of" Aye Bad "and phones the" I Phone ", and low heel shoes, ski boots on the ice, and travel bag new wheeled.  Also used new materials too, As well as suede and calfskin, used skin shiny elegant, cloth strong and durable.  As in the previous time, the colors included in this lineup fairly strong courage

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