Sunday, 20 April 2014

Exquisite dresses presented by fashion designer

Femininity and masculinity in one view KAGE lineup for the fall ... mad young upscale ASUDARI trip between Earth and space Preparation: HLA Jaguar Exquisite dresses presented by fashion designer Filipino resident in Dubai Ezra within a week Fashion Forward, has inspired this collection of haute couture and tradition made famous by  We have seen a range of elegant dresses collected between classic sizes large and belts on the waist, and between modernity that was in terms of designs that approached the simple style of the Minimal or big shoulders and metal details. 

The atmosphere inspired by the African civilization and the tribes have had a presence through dresses embroidered variety and Accessories-large metal decorated the necks of the models As there was a set of silver bracelets that stretched to the shoulder problem semblance arm metal It has created reminded contradiction beautifully with fabrics delicate which varied between silk, chiffon, satin and lace.  Just Click Here

The color palette was varied between grades and especially indigo blue, yellow, black, gray, and seal display an impressive array of innovative wedding dresses. ASUDARI trip between Earth and space Offers exotic fashion exceeded all expectations! International fashion houses inspired by the  Arab civilization Fashion designer Nora Al-Sheikh ... dressed in abaca and scarf fashionable and trendy Pictures and video: Models Adorn platforms offers!

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