Monday, 21 April 2014

The Guam Battista Valla fashion show

He said that they are proud and extremely happy because it will bring together between his world and the world of cosmetics for the first time. The Guam Battista Valla fashion show to conclude the first day of Couture Week Special spring and summer season of 2014  To be ultimately the beauty of the beginning, as the designs Glam Battista Valhi has been able to compete Dior designs, especially as they carried the same meanings in elegance and sophistication and femininity.

Dresses soft to formal dresses and luxury Cannot describe the group Gram Battista Vale but Baraka, where the remarkable return of Fashion short front and long in the back as Fashion classes where dresses made from more than one layer of cloth Alto silk, these dresses that make us Trek ballet dancers. In addition to the dresses of soft, medium-length dresses are returned and the story straight As for colors, it was overshadowed by pastel colors and classic colors of black and gray on a Guam Battista Valid dress, except in yellow neon.  Click Here

If you would like to combine the elegance and femininity, but not going no further than experimenting with maxi skirt, and usually fit in with the atmosphere of summer, So it did not we see much in the fashion shows for the fall and winter season.  This did not prevent designers from the discovery of its own charm in the winter, and we chose you some appearances of DKNY and RALPH LAUREN. Maxi skirt make you look less short compared Spank not real

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