Sunday, 20 April 2014

Beautiful dresses in the fashion show

Chiffon, and seemed there to touch clear ownership in the designs classic, or dark blue color that dominated many of which, along with gray shale and color range famous winter . EMPEROR 1688 ... femininity and masculinity in one view KAGE lineup for the fall   Mad young upscale ASUDARI trip between Earth and space the most beautiful dresses in the fashion show Ezra If women speak the language of the planet Venus.
 while men speak the language of Mars, it is fluent in two languages that can really achieve miracles, to himself first But both parties Secondly, he Basher al-Assay BASHAR ASSAF Lebanese designer young man who seems to be present and strongly in the fashion world, being he was able to understand the two extremes, to provide each what he wants and more. Visit my webpage
 Between Jeddah charm sea red, Beirut every civilization average, saturation Assay tones of different civilization, able to blend them skillfully  To come out to the lady Middle optimal model as required and matching, probably helped him also his work as a designer and coordinator of clothes in many film business  To add yet another technician for his work, it was clear in the way characteristic of blending colors  Without trying to get rid of the influence of sea blue it, or is proud of him probably, and this seems clear in his new collection for autumn-winter 2014, presented by yesterday Offers Fashion Forward primarily in Dubai

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