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Global brands of glasses

Hosted "Marchland Gulf," Manufacturers and distributors of products a number of Bozo global brands of glasses, and a specialized workshop shed the light on the latest trends fashion glasses  Made for participants Options Design many ranged between circular shape and box included the colors of the iris and beautiful interlaced and others.

  The workshop was held, titled "Shades of perfection" boutique Valley Dees Boutique elegant in Dubai  And has cooperation with Rona Saab, adviser appearance and coordinated fashion celebrities and with the participation of a number of fashion experts Italians in "Marchlands" including Alessandra Nathan Director of the Department of Export Sales in Marchland for the markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa The workshop provided a presentation with the latest fashion trends for the current season in front of fans that follow fashion. Visit Here

  And held thumbnail view of the glasses within the workshop, highlighting the company's latest models of the spring and summer for the current year 2014 Callaway Michael Kars, as well as the latest fashion from international designers and regional well-known Such as George Hodeida, Kelly and Raster, Fyodor Golan, Manish Aroma, Amir Aaron, Chatom, Alice Palmer  As well as the largest assortment of fashion Masada others, all of which are available in the boutique "halides."  And between sunglasses shapes twisted and unusual, and the ones that come with designs in graphics and many details

Spacesuit designs are very luxurious

There are similarities Coats narrow dresses, Shorts the new wears shoes with high heels and tapered head, it is tight and installed when the parties do not exceed a length of the ankle.  Characterized by spacesuit designs are very luxurious. 

It is a painting in which colors vary from tranquil green and royal sapphire and red tiled turquoise and purple and gray and black. Group balance between the practical needs of women a lot of skirts narrow slightly and reaches a length often until the knee And long dresses sleeveless, short dresses above the knee with layers of tulle upper chest  And short dresses with very wide sleeves in addition to shorts summer long until the knee and trousers and narrow jackets autumn.  Visit my Homepage

View photographs and choose what suits them. To display the dresses and the Nigerian Mercy whom the student and the student Lebanese Rowan Which there was no difference between them and the professional models? At the end of the ceremony was the distribution of certificates of appreciation to all the participating students  He announced the designer and at the end of the ceremony to his surprise, a fashion show organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Al-Khwarizmi  And called on all those who wish to have presented their designs that night to participate in the show with the planned and under his supervision

Inspired leather jackets short of fifties fashion

Apparently, every detail in the decor store filled with luxury and sophistication retains the touch of a hospitable place enhanced by gorgeous light and warm.  Roland said, explaining:  "I had a special look and detailed decor store.  Was shot that is contemporary, clear lines and Amine Malay, a specification is located at the heart of the approach taken by the aesthetic, with being intimate and feminine."

 Abu Dhabi was a natural choice for Roland because of the strong relationship it has with the Middle East and for the support and appreciation bestowed upon women in the region.  Roland is planning to open several stores for fashion ready-made in various parts of the world, starting with the big fashion capitals such as Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai. Gucci group pre-Fall 2014 Characterized group "Gucci" Gucci women's pre-fall 2013  Feminine attractive, print designs luxurious effects "haute couture", waists prominent through the vertical tucks short skirts and short Meta "Below" belts and Bail.   Click Here

A prominent entry for skirts sleeves either follow the style of dress "kimono" Japanese.  With inspired leather jackets short of fifties fashion that highlight the hips.  Highlights in the collection classic simple black dress, while thick leather belts, they act as a brake on being headstrong flowing dresses far from the monotony.

Fashion shows in the gulf

There is also edition "couture" private and upscale bag to skins available luxury touch that enhances the artistry and craftsmanship that characterize this design emphasizes the nature of the bag de trendy sexy desire.  And shows a new design includes a lock suggests the key to the door of neat, in addition to the classic handbag bag to the shop to join the family of bags new and stylish skins blue, white and yellow.  The range is now available from January 2013 in each of: Abu Dhabi - Marina Mall; Doha   Village Mall

 Dubai - Dubai - Mall of the Emirates; Kingdom of Bahrain, Manama Mode Mall; Kuwait City - fitness complex; Kuwait City, a Avenues; Jeddah, Al-Khayyam Center, Dahlia Street; Riyadh - Cantrell Mall - High Street. The opening of the first store of ready-made fashion from Stephanie Rolland in Abu Dhabi Stephanie Rolland announced the opening of its first store bearing his name in the Union Avenue in the prestigious towers in Abu Dhabi, where a group called fashion designer ready-awaited heavily by fashion lovers.  For More info Click Here

 And will be displayed in the store throughout the year, ten groups, in addition to shoes, bags and limited versions of jewelry and accessories.  Or starring materials inspired by the seventies style lavish steel and wood and marble, which is designed by the French architect Thierry Lemaitre, who meets with Stephanie Rolland in terms of aesthetic approach.

All about foot wear Footwear

Todd TODS represents a group of women for spring and summer 2014 peak of harmony between the traditional method and innovation  And high-end craftsmanship and contemporary design alike.  This reflects the group the ability to use more leather quality and the best quality for the manufacture of cutting-looking and timeless elegance is consistent with the highest levels of innovation. 

The Group has a "Told" for spring and summer 2013 is rich decorative details and radiant colors will see the return of the iconic pieces as well as new designs.  Footwear  Plays a prominent role ballerina shoes for this season has been supplied Banal thin and evenly hand-made.  V Mare elegant and full of feminine spirit of contemporary and urban. The collection includes a variety of summer shoes with bright colors and varied with equal heel that stands out in all of them.  This has been making special shoes for daily use through the use of the finest leather.  Visit my webpage

 The group also includes the Flat Sandals Heels remember HARNESS industry was, and shoes from crocodile skin Morazán count with colorful  Colorful striped slippers and shoes with heels of new "Platform" high and equal to the front.  Bags stand bag "de-Karabachos" iconic with great options for daytime Attala through the flexible structure and the ornate and gradients of python skins luxury.

Fabrics specific fit

Mentions that Madonna had already contracted with two stars Kelly Osborne and Taylor Mom in to do the job itself, but finally settled on the choice of Rita Oar to promote fashion pieces which carry the name "Martello Girl" and fully dedicated to adolescent girls and inspired by the designs clothes Madonna in the eighties We are accustomed to enjoy every variety of fashion lines Regulation specific colors apart, and fabrics specific fit Scathe expressive vision of the designer. casual shoes

 But the lineup Jonathan Saunders Resort 2014 broke all these rules par excellence All colors strongly present with most types of fabrics with this privileged group Basket bold and liberal grouping Details of femininity and elegance all seasons of the year.  Jonathan Saunders in this group plays a particularly bright in color, including the game of life The winter capital of the list of colors with fabrics autumn and spring haircuts and accessories like a summer combines all seasons in every piece annexed those chosen to bet heavily on the female unfettered classic.. casual shoes
 Green, Bright is the primary color, which represents the first game and identifies always with black and white and the rest of the primary colors for the winter, with the presence of a striking fall colors firearms  And carvings flowers spring and summer with gradients of color created by graphic designer Peter Seville Contributed significantly to the granting of character feminine styles sporting sharp Excellence Group and a lot of tenderness and softness also provide distinctive through use satin, silk fabrics and knitwear.

Advertising a line of fashion

"I was surprised designs that went out in the closing ceremony, where I see that many of them fit the ladies who want to cloak elegant suit some family gatherings And personally I would choose some of them for wearing in the holy month of Ramadan”.  As designed Emirati toxicity Swedish spoke of "is", saying: "I have been very strict in my views on the designs of participants, which makes them the best, where you are very far from the pleasantries  I see that this is casting in favor of the participants, as had their opportunity to participate in such competition better than others. "

  In the end, Ryan won the award for best designer gowns in the contest "the coolest Persil Abaya"  In addition to receiving a scholarship with the School of Fashion a global leader in the field of design, and training with talented fashion designer Amal Mural  This year, the strengthening of the Referees Committee accession television presenter famous for Jane Imam  In addition to design experts mantle of the most prominent celebrity designers hope they Mired, fashion designer and actress toxicity Swedish magazines Gulf Flower I Flower Fatima Al Blusher.  casual dresses

Singer revealed British young Rita Oar surprise after confirmed reaching an agreement with the American singer big  Madonna will become there under face advertising line fashion, which bears the name of Madonna and her daughter (13 years) and the enormously popular since it was launched last year in collaboration with the group "Waldo You."

Design and fashion shows

Saw the fifth season in the competition, "the coolest Persil Abaya" stiff competition in the finals between the Hannifin and Sarah Ryan Saudi, 18, from Saudi Arabia.  After eight weeks of competition and creativity in innovative ideas and designs for stunning sarongs  Ryan Hawaii won the title of best designer gowns in the contest "the coolest Persil Abaya" at the end of the fifth season. Boutique dresses

  The closing ceremony was held at the Armani Hotel in Dubai, the culmination of a perfect fifth for the season interesting  Where the season saw the emergence of much outstanding emerging talent over the past few weeks, all the participants in the contest And characterized this year's competition, where the content of a new all participants stayed together for the duration of the competition, and exhibited their skills in the designs according to the challenges presented to them by the jury.   Boutique dresses

The move was distinguished by Persil Abaya Shampoo to help all designers’ junior women to take the first step towards their profession in designing gowns.  Was surprised to Jane Iran, presenter famous, both Ryan and Sarah a question about what to do next, where both confirmed that they had not to reach the finals and this will not be the ultimate goal  But the quest for more new achievements in the coming years in the field of fashion after that contributed to the competition to highlight their talent and helped them to achieve success.   She spoke to Jane Iran for "is" designs gowns

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The culture of art and the ability

Date stems "Fends" and the rich heritage of the city of Rome, which entrenched the culture of art and the ability to invent things beautiful.  Long a house Fends, since its beginnings to the franchise, which granted him this legacy is an integral part of the foundations and roots, it has imbibed in incentives cultural identity and rich heritage of traditional arts and crafts of her native city. 

The house dates back to 1925, the day came to Adele and Edoardo Fend bright idea was to use manual skills in the treatment of leather available to the Romanian locals who keep them exclusively for the manufacture of accessories necessary for riding.  Eduardo and Adele were sure that this wonderful craft that are inherited hides the potential of a better expression, and deserves to be celebrated, and transfer from one generation to another.  But they need to thrive again until grow and develop, new interpretation, directed toward the production of knowledge fashionable products can be worn daily.  Click Now

 The matter is like the redirection of the habits and style, turning the technical skills to the service of beauty, and became a practical function in the service of beauty and art.  It is true that the top craftsmen in "Fends" were not at that time ready for this conversion But Adele Fended determined to convince them, and made a point of their participation, confirming their loyalty and talent in order to devise a range of products high-quality leather, designed by measurements, and adjustable according to customer demand.  And was destined for the new creative process that continues to the extent that they turned the traditional concepts of sad leery and design standards that were prevalent throughout the entire era

Fashion taste another in the streets of Paris

Tory Burch" Tory Burch "Victoria Beckham" Victoria Beckham Fashion taste another in the streets of Paris, the fashion capital, where streets replete with icons of fashion, they rebounds fashion shows, where the cameras are scrambling to Atlatl all that is beautiful, and strange, where it competes attendees to wear everything that is distinctive.

 Today you chose a series of snapshots of the chic Paris, told us your opinion about Conjured up a group Mooching Fall-Winter 2013 to mind the story of lover skiing and riding Boohoo Ann Taylor, which were filled with images and details of stolen moments. Based Altar tan fabrics and colors, trip begins "Mooching" in the search for fabrics with the same character and visual impact in a conscious choice and a passion for fashion Scots manifested in fabrics, and gold embroidered badges.  Visit Here

The line re-invent allowances nature masculine touches precision, and can be worn with classic white shirts conjures to mind the appearance of uniforms for students of Japanese schools. There is no doubt that every elegant lady is keen to supplement adornments of different accessories and most importantly, of course,  Handbags and bags that cannot be dispensed with when you leave the house and the trend to work or hiking, or spend an evening in the evening Therefore you should choose every lady hand bag carefully in line with fashion trends. Magazine "is" you picked the best and most beautiful formations handbags for spring 2014 that accompanied the models on platforms fashion show in Paris Fashion Week.

Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs

Hearts that adorn the bags are still present, and remind us of the magazine LOVE, semi-annual founded by Katie Grand adds Katie's "is":  "In this lineup the second chose to focus more on the white lines and black, and so for the sole reason, that is, I felt that this was appropriate, as seemed white lines and black fantastic which adorn products. ", for its part Said Andrea Della Valle, Andrea Della Valle, president of" Hogan "Hogan and Vice Chairman of the Group," Tad’s "Tot’s, which called Grand to cooperate with the "Hogan":
" We were all excited to see where Katie will take its station lineup Gang in the following ... and we feel that this lineup paid lifestyle Hogan outstanding forward."  "Chive idea" Dividing "Diane von Vorster berg" Diane Von Furstenberg "Dior" Dior "The We-de Kay" DKNY - "Dolce & Gabbing" Dolce & Habana "De Squid 2" Dsquared2 "Fends" Fend "Gabriele Colonel" Gabriele Colonel Jenny" Gunny Giorgio Armani" . Visit my Homepage

Giorgio Armani Giuseppe Sanity" Giuseppe Snotty - "Landing" Lavin Lara Boeing" Lara Boring has "Boutique 1" Boutique  - "Louis Vuitton" Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs" Marc Jacobs - "Michael van deer Ham" Michael Van Doer Ham - "Ambler" Mulberry - Backstage View "Max Mara" Max Mara Oscar de la Rental" Oscar de La Rental Prada" Prada Roberto Cavallies" Roberto Cavallies "Roger Velvety" Roger Vivian

Macau fashion shows

Macau fashion shows and what to wear from fashion photographers to be the focus of attention, too.  Today you chose a set of stills characteristic of some of the women and girls who wore an elegant cut, we were told by your opinion. The title that revolves around the exhibition are:

 The Dior allure  From pink to red Paris the Dior garden  The Dior ateliers Dior and artists Versailles: Tirana  Stars in Dior Interview: Danna writer Admen Alkanet crossed Katie Grand Katie Grand, an expert decking and editor in chief of the magazine LOVE, pleased collaboration for the second time with the Italian fashion house high-end  "Hogan" Hogan to design a variety especially for autumn and winter 2013-2014, titled "Gang" Gang. According to Katie for "is": "based on the design of this lineup on the successes lineup last season, but increase this time the number of products offered.  Visit my website

 Addition to sports shoes, shoe ballerina, leather bags, sunglasses, including the new line covers the organs of" Aye Bad "and phones the" I Phone ", and low heel shoes, ski boots on the ice, and travel bag new wheeled.  Also used new materials too, As well as suede and calfskin, used skin shiny elegant, cloth strong and durable.  As in the previous time, the colors included in this lineup fairly strong courage

Selling your fashion mark

I am fully prepared to launch a new collection in Dubai precisely because I believe that Dubai is no longer follow the international fashion, but has become an important reservoir of Fashion. "  Are selling fashion mark baronial currently and exclusively in the shop Ravage is located in Sunset Mall  Which is supported by a special fashion show sign baronial as it is selling fashion brand across shops peace in Midrib City Centre, replace Bibb any Mio in Dubai and replaced Fifty and East in Qatar.

 "How does a preview and exclusive?"  Is a question often posed by each new client or hasten to the mind of the man who wants to buy a gift for his wife.  It must be noted that the beginning of the preview and exclusive solution is the best of the envelope to suit the disappointment that may feel every shopper wandering in malls and search in vain for the piece that you want to get them over the six months subsequent to the presentation.  For More info Click Here

 Unlike the websites of competition, does not expose  Mona Operands of pre-sale of goods bought it, but it shows the whole group provides subscribers the opportunity to buy clothes, compared required, before being implemented already. Therefore, the customer is guaranteed to get made favorite, and not lost. Prepared by: Abdul Jabil Accessories  Taboo Hovel looks and fashion within the fashion weeks in various capitals, to follow what's new on the viewing platforms. But in the back streets of these offers, there is a fashion show of a different kind, and

Being a kiss to the world of fashion

Preparing fashion designer Libyan Adwa baronial for the detection of its new range of autumn and winter of 2014, and will be held on September 25, 2013 at Sunset Mall in Dubai.  It is expected to be outstanding, especially with the Evening Post is important to face the media and passionate fashion Anita Baez concert to activate.  The salon will ensure Regiment beautifies supermodels.  

Focuser autumn and winter 2014 new sign baronial to "new independence," a woman to explore for themselves in a manner unusual and determine the appearance of a bold and unique  Where the group is inspired by the "independence" that emerged from the designed after meeting women in different occasions As one of the first designers who entered the world of fashion in Dubai were considered Adwa baronial that this group characteristic for her  And intends to make the group from which the mirror that reflects the identity of the women that are different from the rest of the women As with titles such as the task of courage and strength of colors and designs Has commented designed Fatwa Barona for this group by saying:” Visit my webpage

 I'm happy to provide two sets of new autumn and winter 2013 in Dubai city my favorite and famous by being a kiss to the world of fashion.  Presenting a new group always raises fear because he holds a different character for each of my previous.  Whatever the goal of this group is out of the ordinary and creates a new identity and a unique mark

Kelly Osborne at Fashion Show Rebecca Minco

Sarah Jessica Parker, the Olsen sisters as they choose new clothes among the exhibits that that by mannequins on stage As seen crossbar Coco Rocha backstage at the theater Elle Fashion Next, singer Kelly Osborne at Fashion Show Rebecca Minco Lady Gaga and Kate Upton at the awards ceremony Fashion Media Awards, which was held on the sidelines of Fashion Week,  Silage Knowles in the first row of the fashion show Noon by Noor , singer  Alicia Keys in a fashion show designer Jason Wu and tennis champion Maria in celebratory fashion house Dior shop and Saks Fifth Avenue. casual dresses

 Adwa Barons fashion designer to sign Barony is one of the most fashion designers women in the region.  Fatwa designed was inspired designs from the world of engineering that I've studied and worked there as to their origins and heritage in North  Africa had a deep influence in their design is reflected in her choice of colors that reflect the culture of the Mediterranean approach.  casual dresses

 Adwa gathered between her passions for the great world of fashion and between their training earlier in the engineering design through a well-defined; clean lines, and precise tailoring, make women wear with ease and fit.  It recognizes that many of the designs easy to identify the "baronial" through which the Treasury vibrant, which reflects the taste of modern women.  The sign baronial accompany you wherever analyzed and traveled  Whether you're relaxing at home with your family, or your work routine in the office or in a meeting with friends of the late hours of the night, all options are ideal for spectacular views.

The New York Fashion

The seriousness and readiness to prepare for the soul and body are appropriate and according to the degree of importance.  There is no doubt that New York Fashion Week Mercedes Benz Fashion Ready for spring   Summer 2014 managed as usual to snatch the attention of Hollywood and its stars  Who Anamosa and their team full of hairdressers, experts Beauty, specialists, makeup and fashion designers to prepare themselves to be displayed under the cameras the best of suit .Boutique dresses

  The result was that the stars of without are nice and like beams fashion, and are former submit to the cameras, either in the first row of the VIP fashion show  Or in the celebrations that followed those presentations, and all concerts and invitations that took place in the orbit of Fashion Week,  Which Men gladly. Boutique dresses

  Of course, it was the most beautiful stars of wearing apparel and the most desire among lovers of fashion  And in particular some of the pieces from the designers of the importance of seasonal Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton Among the most prominent of photographers saw the eyes of the most beautiful and photographed their cameras mention fashion icon Olivia Palermo Which was mediating the beautiful Louise Roe and Jamie Chung in the first row of the fashion show designed Rebecca Menlo.  As seen in the first several rows Offers Fashion stars of the likes of Jessica Alba

Monday, 21 April 2014

Metal handbag silver and gold

Tulips no more than two pieces of pearls together during the evening, it is sufficient to give the neither desired upscale appearance, so as not seeing you look pretentious Or Tuzla any type of jewelry or gems with pearls, so as not to make you look and negatively. Stay away from metal handbag silver, and gold, and Attaching toward high-end fabrics, velvet Alfaro  Pay attention to your shoes, it should not contain shiny stones and Swarovski if I wore pearls.

To complete the ornaments during the evening, it's nice at Pearl put your hair, especially if the scene is simple, of course With no exaggeration, he put him as Crown series, or installs some pearl beads randomly distributed within the hair, gives you a view of a banner and upscale. Collaborated famous sports fashion brand "Adidas" Adidas with the Creative Director of Dar "Dior" Dior Rag Simons designed to set sneakers, has included the group on five different colors and designs attractive.  Visit Here
Offered shoes for the first time last week during the presentation of the "Ram Simmons' men's fashion for the season autumn-winter 2013-2014, is scheduled offered for sale in July. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first cooperation of Adidas, has had a number of previous collaborations with designers such as Stella McCartney Shah ran, Yuji Yamamoto and others. As reflecting the beauty of modern femininity and simple method,  Celebrates the mark "Lactose" (LACOSTE) signed a partnership contract with Amy Adams

Women in an explosive handbag

Because they help you to poor beauty and agility of your body, some of which have broad somewhat below the waist, as you could try a long skirt that reaches to the heel of the foot, with a tight shirt at the waist.  And you can wear a maxi skirt with a blouse and high-heel below, and add some suitable accessories simple elegance because it guaranteed.

 Elite Saab Le Partum Purse Spray Perfume Elide Saab's new offer to women in an explosive handbag This fragrance reflects everything that is linked to the world of the designer who knows how to make women look beautiful undisputed highlights the attractiveness of cross designs with modern lines and ores amazing.   Visit my Homepage

To wear pearls rules and assets to lend a lot of sophistication and beauty Atlatl, you cannot wear it at random, there are ways to wear pearls and formatted according to your event and your clothes  To seeing you more elegant and attractive Focus on fabrics that are commensurate with pearls  Callahan, velvet and fur in order to integrate Atlatl and bitch about cotton, leather and other Nor Tsonga Pearl with trendy clothes, Dins for example, or jackets process or other Calmar practical quick does not fit with these stones, but that contradicts them. Wear pearls in an exaggerated manner during the day lacks taste, so that pearl cameo expensive, but strikingly, so you can put a hold soft-sized neck, or earrings small during the day, but do not wear a pearl ring in normal days, it is suitable for parties.

The Guam Battista Valla fashion show

He said that they are proud and extremely happy because it will bring together between his world and the world of cosmetics for the first time. The Guam Battista Valla fashion show to conclude the first day of Couture Week Special spring and summer season of 2014  To be ultimately the beauty of the beginning, as the designs Glam Battista Valhi has been able to compete Dior designs, especially as they carried the same meanings in elegance and sophistication and femininity.

Dresses soft to formal dresses and luxury Cannot describe the group Gram Battista Vale but Baraka, where the remarkable return of Fashion short front and long in the back as Fashion classes where dresses made from more than one layer of cloth Alto silk, these dresses that make us Trek ballet dancers. In addition to the dresses of soft, medium-length dresses are returned and the story straight As for colors, it was overshadowed by pastel colors and classic colors of black and gray on a Guam Battista Valid dress, except in yellow neon.  Click Here

If you would like to combine the elegance and femininity, but not going no further than experimenting with maxi skirt, and usually fit in with the atmosphere of summer, So it did not we see much in the fashion shows for the fall and winter season.  This did not prevent designers from the discovery of its own charm in the winter, and we chose you some appearances of DKNY and RALPH LAUREN. Maxi skirt make you look less short compared Spank not real

The classic handbag bag

What enhances the touch artistry and craftsmanship that characterize this design emphasizes the nature of the bag de Bath Credo trendy sexy desire.  And shows a new design includes a lock suggests the key to the door of neat, in addition to the classic handbag bag to the shop to join the family of bags new and stylish skins blue, white and yellow. In addition to the remarkable successes achieved by the U.S. star on the level of singing Jennifer Lopez added other successes at the level of luxury perfumes. 

Vegans American actress and is now preparing to launch a new perfume Forever Glowing, a new version of the fragrance, which has Glowing Jennifer Lopez throw last year. Forever features gluing smell the flowers.  Caveat core includes saffron, white pepper; honey White, Allmerica, and iris, and vanilla and patchouli. The new fragrance will be available J Lo Forever Glowing in two cans 0.30 ml and 50 ml. It starts selling fragrance in the month of February 2013.  Visit my website

Sasol the curtain on the first adventure in the world of cosmetics for Levin creative director Amber Bad on June 15 It announced collaboration with fashion designer Bag Lancôme cosmetics in a first for him. Said Joseph S... Nimbi, president of Lancôme in a statement: There is no doubt that Albert Bah is one of the most fashion designers influence on the global level as it is the most talented, since he has a sense of well-being and seeing a female with a little courage, and this is completely in line with the values of Dar Lancôme new .

Footwear for Spring and Summer 2014

This reflects the group the ability to use more than the quality of leather for making cutting-looking and timeless elegance is consistent with the highest levels of innovation.  This spirit lies at the heart and essence of the mark Told.  It also has a group Ted’s Spring Summer 2014 is rich decorative details and radiant colors will see the return of the iconic pieces as well as new designs. Footwear  Ballerina shoes for a prominent role for this season have provided Beal thin and evenly hand-made.

 VMware elegant and full of feminine spirit of contemporary and urban  The collection includes a variety of summer shoes with bright colors and varied with equal heel that stands out in all of them.  This has created a special shoe for daily use through the use of the finest leather.  For More info Click Here

 The group also includes the Flat Sandals Heels remember HARNESS industry was, and shoes from crocodile skin Moccasin count with colorful, colorful striped slippers and shoes with heels of new "Platform" high and equal to the front. Bags  Stand bag "de-Karabachos" iconic with great options for daytime Vitals through the flexible structure and the ornate and gradients of python skins luxury.  There is also edition "couture" private and upscale bag to "de-Karabachos" skins available luxury

Immediate towards the base of the fragrance

Thus, each Merino Perfume is a mixture of sensations, feelings of Torun true originality, so imagine the uniqueness of men and women special and exceptional. Perfume Armoring "SOUL" looked great for someone who likes to draw attention to him; he immediately attracts attention and captivates the nose around.
 Texture attractive touch of pink pepper gentle twisting of Mandarin Green to make the heart beat warmly The center of the fragrance combines style voluptuous, orange blossom and plum for more gravity fade and sensually immediate towards the base of the fragrance, which includes a summary beans roasted beans from the Tonka and Hanson organic compound, leaving an unforgettable impression tempting. Perfume Merino "LEGEND" Perfume is a vibrant hides secrets between hath Burner, is an expression and a metaphor for all that is glamorous and rare.  Visit my webpage

 This carries aromas characteristic smells more originality in the world of perfume through the extraordinary appeal and raised the tyrant, so tomorrow his unique style not shared by any other perfume.  First start Babe apple green, flower buds Verbena, anise and bergamot oil. Dominate the heart of the fragrance flowers  Moroccan, Chinese magnolia flower, peony, jasmine, Indian, crowned with a mixture of voluptuous red sandalwood, beans roasted beans from the Tonka, vanilla and musk to experience last longer.   Told represents a group of women for spring and summer 2014 peak of harmony between the traditional method, innovation and high-end craftsmanship and contemporary design alike

Fabric Launched the Paris Gallery

If you are overweight or your body is full, and Thiamin when you wear your clothes or buy in addition to overwork your temper? Here are these important tips: Altair appropriate size not smaller or narrow. Choose dark colors that Tanah Kalpak, black and gray. Choose a color tone in the same outfit, consisting of two pieces, because a single color imparts a sense of being thin on the body. casual shoes
 Avoid fabrics and graphics Ana couched big and bold colors and broad Alt claimant wide. Do not buy the thick fabrics and soft fabrics that you do not stick to the body. Launched the Paris Gallery, a group Merino Privy, including perfume and perfume SOUL LEGEND two strong lineup Taren limited edition  It blends variety Price finest ingredients  To innovate and grainy smell oasis, a unique and complete, in order to sensory experience is not repeated.  casual shoes

Inspired by fragrant smells that abound in pristine nature, Moreno Bravo perfume comes from the depths of the heart, expressing his deepest feelings and most warmer in men and women. And excelled house Tartan for women and men, women has to express their best through obscurity  Fun and freshness of flowers fragrant provided by the perfume Armoring between her hands, while symbolizes fragrant Merino through the freshness of musk and wood to the man bridges confident of himself and romantic at the same time.

Perfume from Dior

The event also ensures Roerich another task, such as the anniversary of the Japanese ship landing in Spain, as well as the passage of forty years of the existence of Lowe's in Japan. It is known that Jana Watanabe, who was born in Fukushima in 1961, may best known in the world of creativity and design, as designed by a group of modern and titivate things. casual dresses
 Launched house Dior recently Perfume "Hypnotic Poison Eau Secrete", which is a combination Poison most famous within the line of Dior  Perfumes sensory luxury, which is a blend of fragrant perfume Hypnotic Poison Eau Secrète refreshing to exudes a fragrance fragrant scenic, and highlights the perfume Eau Secrète new glow and radiance Bushman deep and sensuous The whiff of fragrance begins upper sharp scent of citrus fruit with Mandarin coming from Sicily, orange and Alamo next Kyra Italian. casual dresses

The heart of the fragrance evokes Jasmine strongly, coupled with Tunisian Enroll flower, before it concludes fragrant vanilla  Which is the hallmark of the smell of Hypnotic Poison, all components of the environment you mean fresh oasis for daily use generous. Clock made of steel and hours jeweled pink gold and pink gold hour with the jeweled belt is made of crocodile skin in black or blue and Havana is smooth. Provided «Jiggers Le Coulter» hour Grand Raves Lady Oland then bracelet wraps twice around the wrist of Valetta colors available in the new season Jiggers Le Coulter boutiques worldwide starting on Valentine Because jewelry gift carries symbolic continuity, raised «Tiffany & Co» bouquet of jewelry studded with diamonds colored rare

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Designs for romantic dreamy princess

In addition to the blue there was a strong presence of the color of Beatitudes, and it was the combination of the two colors different and wonderful, As well as playing the green shale play an important role with the black, and replaced skies in many of his designs between white and cyan  As well as the Sahara and its presence in your ripples sand stylish in more than design, while seeming fabrics, soft and comfortable, flowing quietly on the body of the bar or the viewer,  Which represents luxury silk and cotton the main role, and cooperated with the extensive drop-down designs, to give the wearer maximum comfort and freedom of movement?
Ramie Kid: designs for romantic dreamy princess Basher Assad mix of civilizations EMPEROR 1688 ... femininity and masculinity in one view KAGE lineup for the fall ... mad young upscale ASUDARI trip between Earth and space We have made Lebanese fashion designer Rime judge live the atmosphere of spring all the wonderful detail Through a magnificent fashion show presented by Fashion Forward within a week in Dubai We have taken to the magical garden filled with blooming flowers Jorum and brightly colored, and who wore the most beautiful dresses. For More info Click Here
 An impressive collection of dresses that take us back to different times overshadowed by romantic significantly, there was a lot of large sizes, and multiple layers  Fabrics and delicate Alto silk and chiffon fabrics, in addition to the lace fabric that draw forms exquisite on mannequins integrating it with chiffon fabric

Beautiful dresses in the fashion show

Chiffon, and seemed there to touch clear ownership in the designs classic, or dark blue color that dominated many of which, along with gray shale and color range famous winter . EMPEROR 1688 ... femininity and masculinity in one view KAGE lineup for the fall   Mad young upscale ASUDARI trip between Earth and space the most beautiful dresses in the fashion show Ezra If women speak the language of the planet Venus.
 while men speak the language of Mars, it is fluent in two languages that can really achieve miracles, to himself first But both parties Secondly, he Basher al-Assay BASHAR ASSAF Lebanese designer young man who seems to be present and strongly in the fashion world, being he was able to understand the two extremes, to provide each what he wants and more. Visit my webpage
 Between Jeddah charm sea red, Beirut every civilization average, saturation Assay tones of different civilization, able to blend them skillfully  To come out to the lady Middle optimal model as required and matching, probably helped him also his work as a designer and coordinator of clothes in many film business  To add yet another technician for his work, it was clear in the way characteristic of blending colors  Without trying to get rid of the influence of sea blue it, or is proud of him probably, and this seems clear in his new collection for autumn-winter 2014, presented by yesterday Offers Fashion Forward primarily in Dubai

Why fashion is very difficult

Fashion is very difficult, but to meet three of the brothers on the love of the same profession, study and work out, it is fantastically almost reminiscent Baliol and the Order of the Phoenix, vinegar loyal So it may have succeeded brothers Glomar in achieving this impossible IV, collaborating together and study all of the fashion academic study real, and bring their brand distinctive EMPEROR 1688 Which was launched since 2007, to achieve success and proliferation and reap the awards that have not been recently being awarded the prestigious Esquire Designer of the Year in 2011?

And nominated for the same award for the following year in a row, but perhaps this was the real start no more On the ground in Dubai feet Barak, Haman, and Afghan Goslar truth their new autumn and winter 2014 The events within the Festival Fashion Forward Fashion is currently taking place, and collected this squad - as usual - For More Details
 between designs for men and women Bops lopped classic upscale, which was adopted to show the beauty on both sides and the focus on the idea ofmasculinity and femininity in different ways Where he played Abolisher pivotal role fit each party separately, especially Borer large metal traditional Or ornaments non-traditional, such as fur and satin ribbons, also had neckties placed featured as well, but they singled women thin indulging in femininity. Despite heavy fabrics which relied on, such as wool and tweed, but they did not ignore the soft fabrics such as cotton and luxurious silk

Childhood the designers

Built on land that the United Arab Emirates, we read the collection of the most beautiful designs for young designers who are in this festival featured  Including the combination KAGE for the same season, for my girlfriend childhood the designers Aiwa Abdul Pacific Aria Amado and Basmati Abu Ghee Baima Abu Galen. Since it launched Aiwa and Basmati Alarm own in 2009, was keen young women that Tads lines clear public, are committed in each group, with the change of details certainly We find that they have decided from the outset that their work directed at young women Elegant everywhere and from all communities To Tanah women's in confidence to express themselves, and the freedom to show their beauty .
Morning and evening, with a clear commitment to provide all that is new and modern, in the context of a sophisticated unmistakable eye Did not separate this group from those lines, we find the character Bohemian overlooking clearly To give women more comfort and off, in the framework of pastel colors in general, predominantly black, cyan soft and golden carved in blue, and red roses large dark fabrics no less smoothness for designs , such as silk, chiffon and Lycra, velvet, in a modern upscale formations.
EMPEROR 1688 ... Click For Details
 femininity and masculinity in one view KAGE lineup for the fall ... mad young upscale ASUDARI trip between Earth and space Spring Romance dreamer ... on platforms offers exotic fashion exceeded all expectations! Agree brothers on the same hobbies and interests

Within the Fashion Week

Were designed Lama Asunder her new collection for summer 2014 Within the Fashion Week, which is currently being held in Dubai Fashion Forward, has been able Lama Graduate of the University of Central Saint Martin’s-honored fashion To take us with this group to journey between Earth and space has been successful transfer of perceptions and ideas to designs by new techniques used by the creative ideas adopted.
Diversified group of short dresses and long, and between skirts and trousers press and included various forms of jackets varied between Abolisher and Bomber, we have seen many editions in the form of roses where suggestions oriental-inspired forms of decorations  Arab architecture, also gave us a sense of sparkling stars in the sky dark.  The cuts of the eighties and rebellious style and simple in style Fabrics ranging from chiffon, cotton fabrics, fabrics questionable superbly, but eluded to the colors has included scores blue, white, black and gray. Article Research By:
Mannequins wore a wig short blond conqueror, make-up was cool with varying silver on the eyes and Hash light and this is what gave the group a sense of space. No doubt a creative group, where a lot of modern ideas and beautiful, fit each lady looking for discrimination and difference KAGE lineup for the fall ... mad young upscale ASUDARI trip between Earth and space Spring Romance dreamer ... on platforms offers Design a bag Amazonas Future dream with Loewe With the launch of the third season of the Week Fashion Forward FFWD fashion, for the season autumn and winter of 2014

Exquisite dresses presented by fashion designer

Femininity and masculinity in one view KAGE lineup for the fall ... mad young upscale ASUDARI trip between Earth and space Preparation: HLA Jaguar Exquisite dresses presented by fashion designer Filipino resident in Dubai Ezra within a week Fashion Forward, has inspired this collection of haute couture and tradition made famous by  We have seen a range of elegant dresses collected between classic sizes large and belts on the waist, and between modernity that was in terms of designs that approached the simple style of the Minimal or big shoulders and metal details. 

The atmosphere inspired by the African civilization and the tribes have had a presence through dresses embroidered variety and Accessories-large metal decorated the necks of the models As there was a set of silver bracelets that stretched to the shoulder problem semblance arm metal It has created reminded contradiction beautifully with fabrics delicate which varied between silk, chiffon, satin and lace.  Just Click Here

The color palette was varied between grades and especially indigo blue, yellow, black, gray, and seal display an impressive array of innovative wedding dresses. ASUDARI trip between Earth and space Offers exotic fashion exceeded all expectations! International fashion houses inspired by the  Arab civilization Fashion designer Nora Al-Sheikh ... dressed in abaca and scarf fashionable and trendy Pictures and video: Models Adorn platforms offers!

Dreamer pads on fashion shows

Spring Romance dreamer ... on platforms offers Solution Spring Romance dreamer pads on fashion shows for the season spring and summer of 2014, as if the designers decided to celebrate Abroad  Love and feminine beautiful women, above all, where we saw a lot of bright colors, and a lot of fabrics delicate, and a lot of designs full of sophistication and a sense of higher education Fabrics ranging from lace, tulle, silk, chiffon and editions were filled with flowers or dreamy graphics, and colors overshadowed by the generally calm and did not disturb the black which many see as the master romantic colors.  Shalwar Kameez Design
Thus, we can shorten the main keys to this fashion that most women, especially those who have the sense of a romantic  Val sat designs in this Hooray increase our beauty and make us more feminine and attractive in spite of her paper and smoothness, we have seen major fashion houses are based Hooray like Albertan Ferret, Valentino, Dolce & Cabana, and many others  It has brought us the true meaning of fashion beautiful after that tended in recent years to the strict nature of the male and who was able to take a little bit of femininity that we cherish. Shalwar Kameez Design
Not deteriorate to add some of these magnificent pieces to your closet this spring and enter some romantic ambience to your everyday life through these clothes and given to us by the wonderful costumers with an overdose of femininity and beauty.  EMPEROR 1688

Fashion of modern princess of fairy tales

Comfortable, but they celebrate at the same time the body of women and gives luster, without the propagation of embroidery Which came determined upscale, all this through soft fabrics glides smoothly on the body, such as cotton, in particular, or silk Chiffon, with the emergence of the distinctive fur to complete the desired image aristocracy M ayan modern princess of fairy tales TAHIR SULTAN ... gray Buy HOUSE OF RONALD ... Sandals For Girls
 Lure of the East and the West together Amato confluence of modern civilizations. Zairian Yusuf: When Nature turns to paintings Preparation: HLA  Lebanese fashion designer Zeya Handout always give us new ideas and youthful in her new collection presented by the Fashion Forward in Dubai, took us to the world of children's stories But beautiful in its own way and trendy, and provided us with all the feminine designs. Sandals For Girls
Viewing platform decorated with special décor to fit with the ideas of the group and was a design inspired by a children's stories, specifically the story of The Princess and the Pea Pill Where there was a group of colorful mattresses similar to those concealed by Queen Grain peas to discover the truth Princess. The show began an impressive array of Suites Sweaters made of cotton, lace and Amazonian crystals with phrases fun written on them, worn mannequins with shorts and short pantyhose also decorated with crystals, and then there was a group of cotton dresses that resemble pajamas comfortable prelatic chiffon fabric