Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Being a kiss to the world of fashion

Preparing fashion designer Libyan Adwa baronial for the detection of its new range of autumn and winter of 2014, and will be held on September 25, 2013 at Sunset Mall in Dubai.  It is expected to be outstanding, especially with the Evening Post is important to face the media and passionate fashion Anita Baez concert to activate.  The salon will ensure Regiment beautifies supermodels.  

Focuser autumn and winter 2014 new sign baronial to "new independence," a woman to explore for themselves in a manner unusual and determine the appearance of a bold and unique  Where the group is inspired by the "independence" that emerged from the designed after meeting women in different occasions As one of the first designers who entered the world of fashion in Dubai were considered Adwa baronial that this group characteristic for her  And intends to make the group from which the mirror that reflects the identity of the women that are different from the rest of the women As with titles such as the task of courage and strength of colors and designs Has commented designed Fatwa Barona for this group by saying:” Visit my webpage

 I'm happy to provide two sets of new autumn and winter 2013 in Dubai city my favorite and famous by being a kiss to the world of fashion.  Presenting a new group always raises fear because he holds a different character for each of my previous.  Whatever the goal of this group is out of the ordinary and creates a new identity and a unique mark

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