Monday, 21 April 2014

Fabric Launched the Paris Gallery

If you are overweight or your body is full, and Thiamin when you wear your clothes or buy in addition to overwork your temper? Here are these important tips: Altair appropriate size not smaller or narrow. Choose dark colors that Tanah Kalpak, black and gray. Choose a color tone in the same outfit, consisting of two pieces, because a single color imparts a sense of being thin on the body. casual shoes
 Avoid fabrics and graphics Ana couched big and bold colors and broad Alt claimant wide. Do not buy the thick fabrics and soft fabrics that you do not stick to the body. Launched the Paris Gallery, a group Merino Privy, including perfume and perfume SOUL LEGEND two strong lineup Taren limited edition  It blends variety Price finest ingredients  To innovate and grainy smell oasis, a unique and complete, in order to sensory experience is not repeated.  casual shoes

Inspired by fragrant smells that abound in pristine nature, Moreno Bravo perfume comes from the depths of the heart, expressing his deepest feelings and most warmer in men and women. And excelled house Tartan for women and men, women has to express their best through obscurity  Fun and freshness of flowers fragrant provided by the perfume Armoring between her hands, while symbolizes fragrant Merino through the freshness of musk and wood to the man bridges confident of himself and romantic at the same time.

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