Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The culture of art and the ability

Date stems "Fends" and the rich heritage of the city of Rome, which entrenched the culture of art and the ability to invent things beautiful.  Long a house Fends, since its beginnings to the franchise, which granted him this legacy is an integral part of the foundations and roots, it has imbibed in incentives cultural identity and rich heritage of traditional arts and crafts of her native city. 

The house dates back to 1925, the day came to Adele and Edoardo Fend bright idea was to use manual skills in the treatment of leather available to the Romanian locals who keep them exclusively for the manufacture of accessories necessary for riding.  Eduardo and Adele were sure that this wonderful craft that are inherited hides the potential of a better expression, and deserves to be celebrated, and transfer from one generation to another.  But they need to thrive again until grow and develop, new interpretation, directed toward the production of knowledge fashionable products can be worn daily.  Click Now

 The matter is like the redirection of the habits and style, turning the technical skills to the service of beauty, and became a practical function in the service of beauty and art.  It is true that the top craftsmen in "Fends" were not at that time ready for this conversion But Adele Fended determined to convince them, and made a point of their participation, confirming their loyalty and talent in order to devise a range of products high-quality leather, designed by measurements, and adjustable according to customer demand.  And was destined for the new creative process that continues to the extent that they turned the traditional concepts of sad leery and design standards that were prevalent throughout the entire era

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