Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fabrics specific fit

Mentions that Madonna had already contracted with two stars Kelly Osborne and Taylor Mom in to do the job itself, but finally settled on the choice of Rita Oar to promote fashion pieces which carry the name "Martello Girl" and fully dedicated to adolescent girls and inspired by the designs clothes Madonna in the eighties We are accustomed to enjoy every variety of fashion lines Regulation specific colors apart, and fabrics specific fit Scathe expressive vision of the designer. casual shoes

 But the lineup Jonathan Saunders Resort 2014 broke all these rules par excellence All colors strongly present with most types of fabrics with this privileged group Basket bold and liberal grouping Details of femininity and elegance all seasons of the year.  Jonathan Saunders in this group plays a particularly bright in color, including the game of life The winter capital of the list of colors with fabrics autumn and spring haircuts and accessories like a summer combines all seasons in every piece annexed those chosen to bet heavily on the female unfettered classic.. casual shoes
 Green, Bright is the primary color, which represents the first game and identifies always with black and white and the rest of the primary colors for the winter, with the presence of a striking fall colors firearms  And carvings flowers spring and summer with gradients of color created by graphic designer Peter Seville Contributed significantly to the granting of character feminine styles sporting sharp Excellence Group and a lot of tenderness and softness also provide distinctive through use satin, silk fabrics and knitwear.

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