Monday, 21 April 2014

Immediate towards the base of the fragrance

Thus, each Merino Perfume is a mixture of sensations, feelings of Torun true originality, so imagine the uniqueness of men and women special and exceptional. Perfume Armoring "SOUL" looked great for someone who likes to draw attention to him; he immediately attracts attention and captivates the nose around.
 Texture attractive touch of pink pepper gentle twisting of Mandarin Green to make the heart beat warmly The center of the fragrance combines style voluptuous, orange blossom and plum for more gravity fade and sensually immediate towards the base of the fragrance, which includes a summary beans roasted beans from the Tonka and Hanson organic compound, leaving an unforgettable impression tempting. Perfume Merino "LEGEND" Perfume is a vibrant hides secrets between hath Burner, is an expression and a metaphor for all that is glamorous and rare.  Visit my webpage

 This carries aromas characteristic smells more originality in the world of perfume through the extraordinary appeal and raised the tyrant, so tomorrow his unique style not shared by any other perfume.  First start Babe apple green, flower buds Verbena, anise and bergamot oil. Dominate the heart of the fragrance flowers  Moroccan, Chinese magnolia flower, peony, jasmine, Indian, crowned with a mixture of voluptuous red sandalwood, beans roasted beans from the Tonka, vanilla and musk to experience last longer.   Told represents a group of women for spring and summer 2014 peak of harmony between the traditional method, innovation and high-end craftsmanship and contemporary design alike

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