Sunday, 20 April 2014

Designs for romantic dreamy princess

In addition to the blue there was a strong presence of the color of Beatitudes, and it was the combination of the two colors different and wonderful, As well as playing the green shale play an important role with the black, and replaced skies in many of his designs between white and cyan  As well as the Sahara and its presence in your ripples sand stylish in more than design, while seeming fabrics, soft and comfortable, flowing quietly on the body of the bar or the viewer,  Which represents luxury silk and cotton the main role, and cooperated with the extensive drop-down designs, to give the wearer maximum comfort and freedom of movement?
Ramie Kid: designs for romantic dreamy princess Basher Assad mix of civilizations EMPEROR 1688 ... femininity and masculinity in one view KAGE lineup for the fall ... mad young upscale ASUDARI trip between Earth and space We have made Lebanese fashion designer Rime judge live the atmosphere of spring all the wonderful detail Through a magnificent fashion show presented by Fashion Forward within a week in Dubai We have taken to the magical garden filled with blooming flowers Jorum and brightly colored, and who wore the most beautiful dresses. For More info Click Here
 An impressive collection of dresses that take us back to different times overshadowed by romantic significantly, there was a lot of large sizes, and multiple layers  Fabrics and delicate Alto silk and chiffon fabrics, in addition to the lace fabric that draw forms exquisite on mannequins integrating it with chiffon fabric

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