Thursday, 24 April 2014

Design and fashion shows

Saw the fifth season in the competition, "the coolest Persil Abaya" stiff competition in the finals between the Hannifin and Sarah Ryan Saudi, 18, from Saudi Arabia.  After eight weeks of competition and creativity in innovative ideas and designs for stunning sarongs  Ryan Hawaii won the title of best designer gowns in the contest "the coolest Persil Abaya" at the end of the fifth season. Boutique dresses

  The closing ceremony was held at the Armani Hotel in Dubai, the culmination of a perfect fifth for the season interesting  Where the season saw the emergence of much outstanding emerging talent over the past few weeks, all the participants in the contest And characterized this year's competition, where the content of a new all participants stayed together for the duration of the competition, and exhibited their skills in the designs according to the challenges presented to them by the jury.   Boutique dresses

The move was distinguished by Persil Abaya Shampoo to help all designers’ junior women to take the first step towards their profession in designing gowns.  Was surprised to Jane Iran, presenter famous, both Ryan and Sarah a question about what to do next, where both confirmed that they had not to reach the finals and this will not be the ultimate goal  But the quest for more new achievements in the coming years in the field of fashion after that contributed to the competition to highlight their talent and helped them to achieve success.   She spoke to Jane Iran for "is" designs gowns

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