Monday, 21 April 2014

The classic handbag bag

What enhances the touch artistry and craftsmanship that characterize this design emphasizes the nature of the bag de Bath Credo trendy sexy desire.  And shows a new design includes a lock suggests the key to the door of neat, in addition to the classic handbag bag to the shop to join the family of bags new and stylish skins blue, white and yellow. In addition to the remarkable successes achieved by the U.S. star on the level of singing Jennifer Lopez added other successes at the level of luxury perfumes. 

Vegans American actress and is now preparing to launch a new perfume Forever Glowing, a new version of the fragrance, which has Glowing Jennifer Lopez throw last year. Forever features gluing smell the flowers.  Caveat core includes saffron, white pepper; honey White, Allmerica, and iris, and vanilla and patchouli. The new fragrance will be available J Lo Forever Glowing in two cans 0.30 ml and 50 ml. It starts selling fragrance in the month of February 2013.  Visit my website

Sasol the curtain on the first adventure in the world of cosmetics for Levin creative director Amber Bad on June 15 It announced collaboration with fashion designer Bag Lancôme cosmetics in a first for him. Said Joseph S... Nimbi, president of Lancôme in a statement: There is no doubt that Albert Bah is one of the most fashion designers influence on the global level as it is the most talented, since he has a sense of well-being and seeing a female with a little courage, and this is completely in line with the values of Dar Lancôme new .

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