Thursday, 24 April 2014

Advertising a line of fashion

"I was surprised designs that went out in the closing ceremony, where I see that many of them fit the ladies who want to cloak elegant suit some family gatherings And personally I would choose some of them for wearing in the holy month of Ramadan”.  As designed Emirati toxicity Swedish spoke of "is", saying: "I have been very strict in my views on the designs of participants, which makes them the best, where you are very far from the pleasantries  I see that this is casting in favor of the participants, as had their opportunity to participate in such competition better than others. "

  In the end, Ryan won the award for best designer gowns in the contest "the coolest Persil Abaya"  In addition to receiving a scholarship with the School of Fashion a global leader in the field of design, and training with talented fashion designer Amal Mural  This year, the strengthening of the Referees Committee accession television presenter famous for Jane Imam  In addition to design experts mantle of the most prominent celebrity designers hope they Mired, fashion designer and actress toxicity Swedish magazines Gulf Flower I Flower Fatima Al Blusher.  casual dresses

Singer revealed British young Rita Oar surprise after confirmed reaching an agreement with the American singer big  Madonna will become there under face advertising line fashion, which bears the name of Madonna and her daughter (13 years) and the enormously popular since it was launched last year in collaboration with the group "Waldo You."

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