Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Fashion taste another in the streets of Paris

Tory Burch" Tory Burch "Victoria Beckham" Victoria Beckham Fashion taste another in the streets of Paris, the fashion capital, where streets replete with icons of fashion, they rebounds fashion shows, where the cameras are scrambling to Atlatl all that is beautiful, and strange, where it competes attendees to wear everything that is distinctive.

 Today you chose a series of snapshots of the chic Paris, told us your opinion about Conjured up a group Mooching Fall-Winter 2013 to mind the story of lover skiing and riding Boohoo Ann Taylor, which were filled with images and details of stolen moments. Based Altar tan fabrics and colors, trip begins "Mooching" in the search for fabrics with the same character and visual impact in a conscious choice and a passion for fashion Scots manifested in fabrics, and gold embroidered badges.  Visit Here

The line re-invent allowances nature masculine touches precision, and can be worn with classic white shirts conjures to mind the appearance of uniforms for students of Japanese schools. There is no doubt that every elegant lady is keen to supplement adornments of different accessories and most importantly, of course,  Handbags and bags that cannot be dispensed with when you leave the house and the trend to work or hiking, or spend an evening in the evening Therefore you should choose every lady hand bag carefully in line with fashion trends. Magazine "is" you picked the best and most beautiful formations handbags for spring 2014 that accompanied the models on platforms fashion show in Paris Fashion Week.

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