Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs

Hearts that adorn the bags are still present, and remind us of the magazine LOVE, semi-annual founded by Katie Grand adds Katie's "is":  "In this lineup the second chose to focus more on the white lines and black, and so for the sole reason, that is, I felt that this was appropriate, as seemed white lines and black fantastic which adorn products. ", for its part Said Andrea Della Valle, Andrea Della Valle, president of" Hogan "Hogan and Vice Chairman of the Group," Tad’s "Tot’s, which called Grand to cooperate with the "Hogan":
" We were all excited to see where Katie will take its station lineup Gang in the following ... and we feel that this lineup paid lifestyle Hogan outstanding forward."  "Chive idea" Dividing "Diane von Vorster berg" Diane Von Furstenberg "Dior" Dior "The We-de Kay" DKNY - "Dolce & Gabbing" Dolce & Habana "De Squid 2" Dsquared2 "Fends" Fend "Gabriele Colonel" Gabriele Colonel Jenny" Gunny Giorgio Armani" . Visit my Homepage

Giorgio Armani Giuseppe Sanity" Giuseppe Snotty - "Landing" Lavin Lara Boeing" Lara Boring has "Boutique 1" Boutique  - "Louis Vuitton" Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs" Marc Jacobs - "Michael van deer Ham" Michael Van Doer Ham - "Ambler" Mulberry - Backstage View "Max Mara" Max Mara Oscar de la Rental" Oscar de La Rental Prada" Prada Roberto Cavallies" Roberto Cavallies "Roger Velvety" Roger Vivian

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