Sunday, 20 April 2014

Childhood the designers

Built on land that the United Arab Emirates, we read the collection of the most beautiful designs for young designers who are in this festival featured  Including the combination KAGE for the same season, for my girlfriend childhood the designers Aiwa Abdul Pacific Aria Amado and Basmati Abu Ghee Baima Abu Galen. Since it launched Aiwa and Basmati Alarm own in 2009, was keen young women that Tads lines clear public, are committed in each group, with the change of details certainly We find that they have decided from the outset that their work directed at young women Elegant everywhere and from all communities To Tanah women's in confidence to express themselves, and the freedom to show their beauty .
Morning and evening, with a clear commitment to provide all that is new and modern, in the context of a sophisticated unmistakable eye Did not separate this group from those lines, we find the character Bohemian overlooking clearly To give women more comfort and off, in the framework of pastel colors in general, predominantly black, cyan soft and golden carved in blue, and red roses large dark fabrics no less smoothness for designs , such as silk, chiffon and Lycra, velvet, in a modern upscale formations.
EMPEROR 1688 ... Click For Details
 femininity and masculinity in one view KAGE lineup for the fall ... mad young upscale ASUDARI trip between Earth and space Spring Romance dreamer ... on platforms offers exotic fashion exceeded all expectations! Agree brothers on the same hobbies and interests

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